Landscaping Services:

Comprehensive lawn care is provided for community members by Green Lawn Incorporated. Services include seeding, fertilizing, weeding and mowing of all lawns in the community. Mulch is provided for flowerbeds in the spring and hedges are trimmed once in early June. Trimming services are limited to shrubs in the front and on the sides of units and excludes supplemental landscaping added to the back yards by home owners. Tree pruning and maintenance is limited to the large pine trees and trees in common areas and does not include private residences. The maintenance of supplemental landscaping, added by home owners, and landscaping in fenced areas is the responsiblity of the home owner. We also ask home owners to keep lawns clear of clutter and debris. Willow Ridge and Green Lawn Incorporated are not responsible for damage to lighting, orniments or other decorative items placed in mowed areas.   

There are two playgrounds located on the property. The main playground is located on Silverheel in the center of the community. The second smaller unit is located in the northeast corner off from 71st Terrace at Aminda. These units were installed in 2013 and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The playground units are connected by several walking paths which traverse the neighborhood and are well-traveled by community members. The walkways run adjacent to Horizon Elementary School of the Desoto School district.
Snow Removal:

Snow removal services are provided to community members by the community landscaping company, Green Lawn Incorporated.Present community guidelines dictate snow removal for all snowfalls exceeding 2.5 inches. Removal will begin after the snowfall has ended, and will occur during daylight or overnight hours.
Waste Management and Recycling:

Deffenbaugh Industries Incorporated has been contracted to provide curbside trash collection and recycling services for the community. 913-631-3300
Recycling Guidelines
Exterior Paint Colors

Community guidelines dictate that exterior paint must match the original color scheme. The original community-approved paint colors are still available at the Scherwin-Williams store located on 87th Street using the colors listed in the above link. In lieu of a direct match, homeowners are expected to do their best to match the original color.
The City of Shawnee

Please refer to the city of Shawnee website
( for information about city ordinances and restrictions. Maintenance problems pertaining to city property, street cleaning ect. should be directed toward the appropriate city official.

Service requests may be issued at:
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