Landscaping Services:

Comprehensive lawn care is provided for community members by Green Lawn Incorporated. Services include seeding, fertilizing, weeding and mowing of all lawns in the community. Mulch is provided for flowerbeds in the spring and hedges are trimmed once in early June. Trimming services are limited to shrubs in the front and on the sides of units and excludes supplemental landscaping added to the back yards by home owners. Tree pruning and maintenance is limited to the large pine trees and trees in common areas and does not include private residences. The maintenance of supplemental landscaping, added by home owners, and landscaping in fenced areas is the responsiblity of the home owner. We also ask home owners to keep lawns clear of clutter and debris. Willow Ridge and Green Lawn Incorporated are not responsible for damage to lighting, orniments or other decorative items placed in mowed areas.    

There are two playgrounds located on the property. The main playground is located on Silverheel in the center of the community. The second smaller unit is located in the northeast corner off from 71st Terrace at Aminda. These units were installed in 2013 and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The playground units are connected by several walking paths which traverse the neighborhood and are well-traveled by community members. The walkways run adjacent to Horizon Elementary School of the Desoto School district.

Snow Removal:

Snow removal services are provided to community members by the community landscaping company, Green Lawn Incorporated.Present community guidelines dictate snow removal for all snowfalls exceeding 2.5 inches. Removal will begin after the snowfall has ended, and will occur during daylight or overnight hours.
Waste Management and Recycling:

Deffenbaugh Industries Incorporated has been contracted to provide curbside trash collection and recycling services for the community. 913-631-3300
Exterior Paint Colors

Community guidelines dictate that exterior paint must match the approved color scheme. The community-approved paint colors are available at the Sherwin-Williams store located on 87th Street using the colors listed in the above link (color palate). Painting plans must be approved by the Board and all units in the duplex and triplexes must be the same color.
The City of Shawnee

Please refer to the city of Shawnee website 
( for information about city ordinances and restrictions. Maintenance problems pertaining to city property, street cleaning ect. should be directed toward the appropriate city official. 

Service requests may be issued by clicking "Contact us" in the upper right hand corner and "Citizen Service Requests" on the drop-down menu.   
Pet Owner Responsibilities

Pet owners in Willow Ridge are required to abide by the Shawnee City regulations listed below. Violation may result in a fine or other punishment. Complaints should be reported directly to city officials by phone or online by submitting a Citizen Service Request. Stray animals may be reported to the Police Department by calling (913) 631-2150 and asking to speak with a Community Service officer. Contact the City Clerk’s office at (913) 742-6014 for more information related to animal permits.

* All dogs and cats must have a rabies certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian indicating the rabies tag number and expiration date. This certificate must also show the owners name and address, the animal’s description and age, and whether the animal is spayed or neutered.

* All dog and cats must wear an identification tag or plate attached to the animal's collar when it is not indoors or in a vehicle.  The tag or plate must contain a telephone number so that an animal can be returned if they get separated from their owner.  If you have a current City tag, you may substitute the tag for this requirement until the expiration of the tag. The City will maintain a database of all animals licensed until all licenses have expired.

* Pit Bulls are considered dangerous animals and are prohibited by City ordinance.

Your pets must be confined to your property. When off your property, all dogs must be on a leash, in a cage, or in a car. Your pet must be under your control at all times. There are off-leash areas in Shawnee Mission Park located at 7900 Renner Road which residents are invited to use.

* The Shawnee Municipal code prohibits any pet owner from allowing their dog to bark, whine, howl, bray, cry, crow or emit other vocal noises in an excessive fashion, which is so loud, continuous or untimely, as to disturb the peace and quiet of a member of the public.

* You must provide your pet with a clean, dry shelter. Do not leave your dog unattended outside without adequate food and water.

* It is unlawful to allow your pet to leave animal waste on any public place or any property not owned by you. All animal waste shall be regularly removed from your property and disposed of in an acceptable manner.

If a dog or cat is not wearing an identification tag and the Community Service officer is unable to locate the owner, the animal is taken to Great Plains SPCA, 9827 W 67th Street, Merriam, KS, (913) 831-7722. The Lost Pet Center is located across from the shelter and is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Parking Restrictions

Parking overnight on the street is specifically prohibited in the Willow Ridge Estates Declaration of Restrictions, Section 9(d) which states:
(d)  Overnight parking of motor vehicles of any type or character in public streets, common areas or vacant lots is prohibited. Motor vehicles shall be parked overnight in garages or on paved driveways only.
Excessive parking contributes to traffic congestion which reduces the quality of life, safety and desirability of the neighborhood and negatively impacts property values. The community restrictions are intended to protect these interests for all residents. Therefore, all residents, homeowners and renters alike, are obligated to live within these guidelines. We ask that you refrain from on-street parking between 11PM and 6AM daily and work with us to maintain the high quality and standard of living in the community.