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Willow Ridge is a peaceful living community located on the west end of Johnson County, Kansas just outside the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.
A relatively new development in the city of Shawnee, Willow Ridge consists of 290 town houses and single family homes.  

Willow Ridge Sub Division Homeowner Owned and Operated by Willow Ridge Management Association P O Box 860423 Shawnee, KS  66286

This site provides Homeowners with news and information pertaining to the Willow Ridge Community.
This site was last updated: November 6, 2015
Bylaws Update

Voting is now open to approve the revised community bylaws and restrictions. The updates remove the developer as a voting party, modernize language and set basic guidelines for rental properties.

Board Members will be coming by door in November to gather signatures.

Web link to the final revised community bylaws:

Articles of Incorporation