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Willow Ridge is a peaceful living community located on the west end of Johnson County, Kansas just outside the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

A relatively new development in the city of Shawnee, Willow Ridge consists of 278 town houses and single family homes.  

Willow Ridge Sub Division Homeowner Owned and Operated by
Willow Ridge Management Association
P O Box 860423
Shawnee, KS  66286

This site provides Homeowners with news and information pertaining to the Willow Ridge Community.
This site was last updated: October 22, 2016

Recently, the HOA Board accepted the resignation of the our new Treasurer due to personal reasons. With the recent retirement of our long standing Treasurer, we are in need of a replacement as soon as possible. If you are willing to help your community and are able to help in the capacity of Treasurer, please contact the HOA Board at willowridgeshawnee@gmail.com.  Thank you.

The Willow Ridge Homeowners Association Board consists of volunteers who donate their time and skills to help manage and maintain our community. All of them have family, work and personal commitments in addition to their Board duties. Without help and involvement from others in the community, the Board is not able to do everything that is required or requested by the Homeowners. We need additional volunteers and your help is critical to helping the Board provide the level of management that we all desire. Please consider helping out by attending a Board meeting and seeing how you can help. Thank you.