2019 Home Improvement Rebates

2019 Home Improvement Rebate Guidelines
The Willow Ridge Board of Directors would like to encourage exterior home maintenance and beautification in the community and have proposed a rebate program to refund property owners up to $500 for board approved exterior maintenance completed in 2019.
2019 Rebate
The Board has approved a $500 incentive for work completed in 2019, limited to one per address. Rebate availability is approved year by year by the Board based on financial condition of the Neighborhood.

Guidelines for eligibility and parameters for participation:
  • Project completed in 2019 are eligible. One per address. (you may combine eligible items into one rebate request)
  • Home owners must be up-to-date on dues payments at the time of request
  • Home owners must provide proof of payment via receipt for goods or services rendered
  • Home owners must provide proof the work has been completed via photograph or physical inspection by a board member 
  • Rebates are offered in the form of credit to annual community dues
  • Only one rebate will be permitted per household
  • Eligibility of all requests are subject to board approval 
  • All requests must be submitted via the electronic form below
  • All work must be completed in 2019
  • All applications and materials must be received by January 31, 2020
Eligible modifications include:
  • Repair or maintenance of the home exterior structure such as paint, exterior door, garage door or window repair or replacement, roof repair or replacement costs (structural modifications must be visible from the outside of the home, excludes interior modifications)
  • Deck repair, replacement or enhancement such as paint, stain or improvement 
  • Fence stain, paint or repair including fence removal (excludes fence installation or replacement)
  • Repair or improvement to sidewalks or driveways such as mud-jacking (excludes concrete paint or stain)
  • Removal/replacement of dead trees from the yard. Only applies to the primary trees required by the HOA restrictions. (excludes live trees and other landscape waste or landscaping)
  • Professional Tree Trimming of trees (with prior board approval)
  • Installation of sprinkler systems
  • Island (for middle units) re-landscaping (with prior board approval)
  • Major front yard landscaping (with board approval)
  • Video Doorbells & exterior video systems that provide video storage and sharing (Ring, Nest, others with prior board approval)
  • Radon systems (if indicated due to an inspection revealing elevated levels of radon)
  • HVAC replacement is included, if it includes replacement of the exterior AC unit.
Interior improvements are not included.

Submit a Request:
After filling out the request, please email your receipts and photos (if you have photos) to:[email protected].  

Requests will be reviewed as time permits and approved at the the next possible board meeting.Please allow 2 months for requests to process. Thank you.