**WEB SITE REGISTRATION AND LOG IN: Some of the content on the site is restricted to registered residents only. To register, go to the upper right corner of the site, and complete the process. Once registered, you will have access to the resident only content. However, you have to log in (again in the upper right corner) to the web site in order to be validated as a resident. You can check the box to "Remember Me"' and then you will not have to log in again. Not logging in is the most common reason for not being able to see content. The web site and email are the preferred methods of communication for Willow Ridge.

ANIMAL ISSUES: Generally, noise complaints, stray animals, animals off leash or aggressive animals are a matter for the City of Shawnee Animal Control. Link to website 

Dog waste is required to be picked up by the dog owner. The HOA has installed dog stations to assist with this endeavor.  It is a violation of both the community rules and the City of Shawnee City Codes to leave animal waste on the lawn. 

Board meetings happen once a month, typically the first Wednesday of the month. The meetings can be found on the Community Calendar and are scheduled at the prior Board meeting. They rotate between Board Members personal residences. Community members are welcome. Please RSVP on the Community Calendar for that Board Meeting.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES: The monthly minutes are posted in the HOA Documents section of the Website. Meeting Minutes

CITY OF SHAWNEE: The city has a great app for mobile devices that allows you to submit city issues to the city for action. Everything from debris in the street, abandoned cars, animal issues, etc. can be reported. The app is called Shawnee Connect.

COMMUNITY FORUM: The Community Forum page is a location for any registered resident to start or participate in an online discussion of various topics in the community. We expect that everyone will participate in a respectful and polite manner. Forum Page

CONSTRUCTION: If you are planning an external modifications or construction on your unit, you must contact the HOA Board for pre-approval. This includes major landscaping, painting, deck modifications, fencing, roofing, windows, etc. Please use the Contact Form on the website. 

DUES: Dues are paid annually on March 1st. Dues are $1,320 per year for single family homes and $960 per year for townhomes. Quarterly and semi-annual payments are available. A one time transfer fee of $100 applies to all new homeowners. Dues can be paid online. Find more info here: Dues Page

LANDSCAPING: Mowing and landscaping services are provided as part of the annual dues. Greenlawn, Inc. provides our landscaping services. Mowing and landscaping services will be suspended if dues are not paid on time. Restarting service after a suspension can take several weeks. A NOTE:  At the homeowner's own expense Greenlawn can also assist with the installation of electronic dog fences, sprinkler systems and Christmas lights. There is a no trim list (for shrubs) and a no mulch list if you prefer to not have these services performed. 

PARKING: Overnight parking is not allowed within the Community pursuant to the community guidelines and restrictions. Excessive on street parking contributes to traffic congestion which reduces the quality of life, safety, desirability of the neighborhood and negatively impacts property values. The community restrictions are intended to protect these interests for all residents. Therefore, all residents, homeowners, renters and guests alike are obligated to adhere to these guidelines. We ask that you refrain from on-street parking between 10PM and 4AM daily and work with us to maintain the high quality and standard of living in the community.  We will send violation letters to offenders of this community restriction.  After the third violation, the HOA has the option to levy $100 fines per occurrence and the option to tow.

PROPERTY LINES: You can look up your property address at the Johnson County site. https://www.jocogov.org/dept/appraiser/property-data

REBATES: All 2020 rebates submitted by the 1/31/2021 due date have been processed. The Board will determine if we offer a 2021 rebate at the March Board meeting.

The resident directory lists all those residents who have chosen to have their information listed in the directory. This is turned on by default. If you would like to limit what is displayed, or not display your information at all, please go to your account settings and adjust your privacy settings. The directory is only accessible by registered Willow Ridge residents.

SNOW REMOVAL: The community contracts for snow removal based on a contracted snow amount. We make the call storm, by storm. Typically, we will plow at 3" and up. Crews do a plow of the driveways, and front steps by hand. They will not do around cars in the driveway due to liability risk with the plow. They will ice melt the walk from the front steps to the driveway.
Homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks in front of their home. 
Snow will be removed as quickly as possible but can take up to 48 hours depending on the severity of the event. Crews may work through the night to finish, unless bitter cold temps are forecast.
Please be patient and allow the snow to stop and the crew plenty of time to get to the community.  We will update the Community News page as things progress.
We will let the community know once they are finished. At that time, you can contact us with issues or missed driveways. Please give them sufficient time to work before contacting the board.
If you do not want ice melt or would rather they do not do your driveway, there is a system using blue and red reflectors. More info here.

TRASH CANS: Trash pick up is Thursday of each week. Recyclables are picked up every other Thursday. If there is a holiday during the week, trash will be delayed one day. Trash cans must be stored inside the garage. Storing them outside is not allowed pursuant to the community guidelines and restrictions. They may be put out the night before pickup, and must be brought back in at the end of the day of trash pick up.   Waste Management provides our trash service. Trash service will be suspended if dues are not paid on time. Restarting service after a suspension can take several weeks.